Villains of Harkenwold

Burn Harken Burn

There's nothing good about a pyromaniac gnome

After the villains’ escape a gnome who escaped with their help, claiming to be an influential member of the thieves’ guild The Ashclaws, lead them on a fiery rampage through Harken Village. Burning several buildings including a potion shop, an inn and the Temple of Faith. A place of worship for followers of Moradin, Pelor, and Corellon.

During a large chaotic battle the villains boldly killed many town guards lead by Harken’s Transmuter, Arlesyn. The transmuter himself had fled just before the villains had finished off Orthos the Slayer (who up until his untimely demise had been employed as the town’s executioner) and a band of female adventurers dubiously named, “The Swans of Justice.” The sole survivor of which was a halfling fighter name Lady Silverlight.

So enraged by the gnome’s careless actions that started the ensuing battle and had the entire town of Harken looking to put the Villains’ heads on pikes, Hogar the Half-Orc slays Faerlyn Frug outright.

The Villains chose an abandoned tower to rest and plan their next move. To their surprise it was inhabited by a powerful tiefling named Amnon. By crossing over to the Shadowfell they entered into his curiously spacious dwelling with all manner of tomes, maps, and wondrous items that he had collective in his extensive lifetime. There was an incredible feast and plenty of room for the party to sleep comfortably. Something very peculiar about the place is prolonging his life by slowing down time while he’s there.

Amnon asks the Villains to go on a quest to recover a powerful artifact called the Chaos Shard. A powerful object that is the key to freeing him from his mysterious imprisonment in the Shadowfell. In return he has promised the Villains several powerful magical items that he holds in his possession. The party is clever and catches on that they will be helping an extremely powerful and probably evil mage (or warlock?) and are able to negotiate positions of power should they not only succeed in returning the shard and freeing Amnon, but also aid Amnon in his anticipated conquest of the realm.

Hogar dutifully stood guard the entire night outside of the pool leading to the Shadowfell, waiting for the others to return. Which they did as they all awoke outside the pool the next morning.

The banquet and meeting with the tiefling, Amnon the night before had been like dream except for the amulet that he said would guide them to the chaos shard and a coin that they could use to communicate with Amnon once dropped into water under the light of a full moon.

They were put in contact with Grimbold, the temporary guildmaster of the Ashclaws, until news came that Faerlyn Frug had perished the night before, hence securing his position as the Ashclaw’s head guildmaster in Harken Village. He couldn’t have been happier to help the Villains escape the village unseen posing as merchants and supplying them with horses and a wagon to get them to Albridge, the next leg of their journey.



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