Villains of Harkenwold

On the Road to Toadswallow Cavern

The Revenge and defeat of Lady Silverlight and others...

Soon after arriving in Albridge the Villains meet their contact, Ernst the wainwright. The Ashclaw says he can finish building a second boat that can take the gang downriver to the Toadswallow Marshes. A place inhabited by, among other creatures, bullywugs. These creatures are rumoured to know of an entrance to the Underdark, somewhere nearby.

Ernst goes to finish building the 2nd of two boats that will take the Villains downriver.

Before the Villains can go to sleep they are attacked by templars from Harken Village and dwarven warpriests of Moradin. Sent from the Temple of Faith and lead by Lady Silverlight, they were no match for the onslaught the Villains unleashed them. Only the halfling was spared, but they lopped off one of her arms to send her a clear message. “Come at us again little halfling and we’ll chop off the other one!”

An uneventful ride down the White River took them to the home of the bullywugs in the Toadswallow Marshes. There the Villains helped defend the temporary home of a small clan of fugitive bullywugs from a pack of wolves and a dire wolf!

These bulllwugs were driven from their home in the nearby Toadswallow Cavern, and their leader Gloorp shows them the way to the cave and the grisly undead that forced them out.

Powerful wights, diseased zombie dogs and members of a dragon cult that were cursed and turned into undead by a ritual that failed to resurrect a long dead dragon were annihilated after they crossed paths with the Villains. There deep in the Toadwallow Cavern the party found a mineshaft that is believed to eventually lead down into the Underdark.



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